For over two decades, we have innovated pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sciences believing that a drug delayed is a drug denied. Now we are making available our wisdom, our technology and our passion to help you get to market fast, whether you are working on a simple generic, a complex generic, a biosimilar or a new biologic.

Non-linear thinking is not natural to human thought; it takes an outside pointer to direct traditional understanding towards the new science.
— Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceuticsl Sciences Pioneer, Author and Inventor.

What We've Achieved

  • When it comes to pharmaceutical sciences and bioprocessing, we wrote the book on the subject. Click here to see the list
  • When it comes to reinventing manufacturing, we became the largest creator of technology. Click here to see the list
  • Next generation biopharmaceutical manufacturing plan, design and validation is our expertise with proven track record across the world.
  • From formulation to regulatory approval, we have pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals available to market.