After decades of developing accessible medicines, we have conclude that the industry is now mature for a creative partnership. PharmSci® operates by assembling teams specific to the project. Our partners include the most recognized Engineering Firms, CMOs, CROs, R&D Laboratories, Academia, and IT providers. Our team that manages their work is highly experienced in coordinating the work of our partners. 

Best of all, most of our partners work with us on a back-end basis, reducing the cost to our clients substantially. Why not find out how we differ from any other option that is available to you, whether you are developing a new drug, a generic drug, a new biologic or a biosimilar. It is not just cost, but the time to market, that we specialize.

Meet our newest partner, Einfolge, a world-class IP analytics company that is helping PharmSci create portfolio of Freedom-to-Operate opinions to assist biosimilar developers a cost-effective path to taking their products to market. Einfolge Technologies is one of the most active players in knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) industry. Einfolge is capable of providing a wide range of knowledge solutions across various domains. Our Solutions include Patent and IPR, Market and Business Research, Clinical Data Management and Legal Data Assessment. And now in collaboration with PharmSci, cost-effective Freedom-to-Operate opinions for biosimilars.

We help clients to streamline operations, reduce cost and enhance business efficiencies through our expert solutions. We offer personalized and customized services with strict adherence to deadlines and constant client interaction.

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